Wallace Leung Memorial Assistant Conductor Internship

About Wallacewallaceleung

Wallace Leung first joined the VPO as an Assistant Conductor and then rose to the position of Music Director from 1996-2001. Wallace was much loved by the VPO players. In 2002, he died suddenly and tragically at the age of 34. The creation of an Assistant Conductor scholarship made Wallace’s dream a reality to provide mentoring and training opportunities for emerging conductors.

About the Internship

The Internship provides an opportunity for a newly trained conductor to gain experience working with a full-sized symphony while being mentored by the Music Director. The goal of the internship is to further develop the musical careers of talented young conductors. The Assistant Conductor’s duties include conducting one piece of repertoire per concert (five per year) and assisting with sectional rehearsals and orchestra administration. The Internship is a 1 year position with the possibility of renewal for a second year. Candidates are chosen through a competitive audition process and a vote by VPO members.

Alumni include:

  • Lindsay Mellor
  • Leslie Dala
  • Barnaby Kerekes
  • John Trotter
  • Risa McDonell
  • Bryan Deans
  • Rick Dorfer
  • Nicholas Urquhart
  • Jens Nissen
  • Janna Sailor
  • Alexander Cannon
  • Jaelem Bhate
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